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The Samsung Galaxy S6 officially launched earlier today – and it may be the biggest smartphone launch in Samsung history.

Customers are lining up at stores around the world. Yes, this is a Samsung product launch, not an Apple launch. But lines of hundreds of people have appeared at mobile stores everywhere from Asia to Amsterdam.

5) The Phone Comes Pre-Loaded with Apps that Let You Show Off the Best Features

Want to show off your brand new Galaxy S6 to all your friends? Samsung has nicely preinstalled a number of useful apps that totally aren’t bloatware.

One particular popular app is Monument Valley, which is exclusively designed to show off the phone’s visual features and beautiful, crisp display.

You can also use an app called Powermat to find the nearest wireless charging spot. So if you want to walk out of the store and immediately show off your new device to the nearest Apple user, then you can do that.

4) There Are Two Versions: The S6 and the S6 Edge

You’ve probably heard about the Galaxy S6, but there’s also another version of the phone called the S6 Edge. The Edge hasn’t been getting great reviews – mostly because people don’t understand the point of the Edge or why you would use it.

galaxy s6

But in any case, you have a couple different options: the standard S6 and the S6 Edge.

3) There Will Be a Third Galaxy S6 Called the Galaxy S6 Active

On Galaxy S6 launch day, there are just two versions of the device: the S6 and the S6 Edge.

But Samsung has already announced a third version of the Galaxy S6, the S6 Active. This will be more rugged and will feature a larger battery. It will also be waterproof. Some reports have also suggested that the S6 Active will have a microSD slot – something that Samsung chose to remove in the other two versions of the S6.

2) It Bends, But Not Like the iPhone 6

Last year, we had “Bendgate” with the release of the iPhone 6. Users discovered that the iPhone 6 would bend when subjected to normal pressure – like being left in someone’s pocket when sitting down.

Samsung loved making fun of Apple for Bendgate. They talked about how the S6 would never bend under normal pressure and can safely withstand 81 pounds of force without damage.

That’s true – but one gadget insurance company called SquareTrade actually decided to test the S6’s bending prowess. That test has been highly criticized for being in accurate, but you can watch the video here:

Samsung was very mad about this video and decided to release a video of their own proving that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t actually bend other pressure. Here’s what they found:

1) UK Telecom Company Tesco Sent a Galaxy S6 into Space for Some Reason

Companies have been trying to drum up all sorts of different publicity for the Galaxy S6. But one of the weirdest bits of publicity comes from UK telecom provider Tesco. That company sent a Galaxy S6 into space for some reason.

Check out the 2+ hour video below:

Amazingly, the phone survived the -50 temperatures in space and safely came to land on the ground (thanks to a parachute)

Why did they send a Galaxy S6 up into space with a balloon? How do they expect people to watch a 2:20 minute video? These are all good questions. But it’s one of the most creative Galaxy S6 advertising campaigns we’ve seen thus far.

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