I don’t have to introduce Pokemon GO. You already know what it is. Here are a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you master Pokemon GO.

Turn Off AR to Make Catching Pokemon Easier

The first time I caught a Pokemon, I was in a public place and the Pokemon was sitting right beside an attractive girl facing away from me at a bus stop. I had to point my phone at her and it made me look like a creep trying to take a photo. Then, I learned you can just tap the AR slider in the top right corner of the screen so the Pokemon appears on your screen instead of in the real world. This can make catching Pokemon easier. Fortunately, I didn’t get spotted. But now I know.

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Tap the Pokemon from the Nearby Screen to Increase your Encounter Chances

Open up the “Nearby” Pokemon screen to find Pokemon close to your location. Then, tap on the Pokemon you want to encounter and walk around. You’re more likely to encounter that Pokemon. The fewer footprints there are, the closer it is to your location.

Use Lures

Lures sometimes drop from PokeStops. They can also be purchased from the Pokemon store for $1.50. Lures can be dropped at any PokeStop. This attracts Pokemon to the PokeStop for 30 minutes, which means you don’t have to walk around to discover Pokemon. The best part about lures is that the effects are shared with other people around the PokeStop. You can spot a PokeStop with a lure when you see confetti-like lights dropping from the top of the PokeStop.

Look at the Arc Above a Pokemon to Determine their Combat Power Potential

Pokemon live and die by their combat power, or CP. You can max out a Pokemon’s CP using Stardust, which makes them harder to fight in battle. However, each Pokemon has a max level of CP. To determine the max CP level for your Pokemon, look at the arc above the Pokemon’s head. The longer that arc (the part with the dot at the end) the greater that Pokemon’s potential will be.

Compare Pokemon Based on Combat Moves

Each Pokemon has two moves when you catch it. If you have two Pokemon of identical CP levels (or close to identical), then look at their two moves to determine which one you should keep. One Staryu, for example, might have Water Gun and Psybeam while another one has Tackle and Body Slam. Keep the one with Water Gun and Psybeam. Each move also has a damage rating beside it to help you out.

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Start Walking to Hatch Eggs

Pokemon rewards you for exercise in so many ways. Not only do you catch more Pokemon while walking, but you hatch more eggs. You place eggs in an incubator to start tracking steps. You get one incubator with an unlimited number of uses and then you regularly get incubators as you level up (although each one only has 3 uses). The rarest Pokemon hatch from 10km eggs, while less rare Pokemon hatch from 5km eggs. Starter and basic Pokemon hatch from 2km eggs. Get walking!

Use Razz Berries to Help Catch Stronger Pokemon

Razz berries are like tranquilizers for your Pokemon. You’re supposed to give them to a Pokemon before you catch it to help slow it down. Using razz berries in combination with a stronger Pokeball (like a Great Ball or Ultra Ball) is how you need to catch stronger Pokemon.

Transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow for Extra Candy

You get 1 candy for every Pokemon you transfer to Professor Willow. You can’t get that Pokemon back, so be careful. A big part of Pokemon GO is sending unwanted Pidgeys and other common Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange for candy.

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Understand XP

The maximum level in Pokemon GO appears to be 100. To get there, you’re going to need lots of XP. You get XP for various common actions in Pokemon GO, including all of the following:

-Capturing a Pokemon: 100XP

-Hatching a Pokemon: 200XP (2km egg), 500XP (5km egg), 1000XP (10km egg)

-Evolving a Pokemon: 500XP

-Catching a New Pokemon: 500XP

-Checking a PokeStop: 50XP or 100XP (if you got 6 or more items)

You can also get XP bonuses based on how you catch the Pokemon – like the “Great” or “Excellent” 100XP bonuses you get from capture bonuses. You also get bonuses for training and battling at a gym, with specific XP ratings varying based on your success.

Do you have any other Pokemon GO tips we missed? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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