Are you a Nexus or Samsung user? If so, then you’re more secure than most mobile users – at least, according to a security researcher.

Security researcher Gal Beniamini, a member of the Qualcomm Product Security Hall of Fame, has reportedly demonstrated a “serious security vulnerability” that affects all devices that have not yet received the Android security update from May.

That’s a total of 57% of all Android smartphones. Which means the majority of Android smartphones are vulnerable to this exploit.

As a result of this exploit, Gal recommends switching away from vulnerable devices and switching to devices that have installed the latest security updates – which patched the recently-identified flaw.

The only devices that aren’t vulnerable? Those are Samsung and Nexus devices, both of which received the security update relatively quickly:

“[We] find the only Android devices that we can recommend without major reservations are Nexus and, now, Samsung devices, provided they keep releasing those security updates quickly.”

In other words, the issue isn’t just related to this latest security flaw: it’s the fact that Nexus and Samsung devices frequently receive security updates more quickly than others. As long as that continues, and the other device manufacturers continue to lag behind, Nexus and Samsung devices will consistently offer better security than other Androids.

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