Rooted Android users have an enormous advantage in Pokemon Go. They can easily spoof their GPS location, allowing them to travel around the world capturing rare Pokemon wherever their fake GPS coordinates take them.

Niantic has tried to combat that practice by blocking rooted Android users from playing the game. When you launch the game, Niantic will check if your device is rooted, and then it may block you from playing the game.

That’s not fair to rooted Android users who aren’t cheating. Whether you’re cheating or not, we’re going to show you how to get around the Pokemon Go root detection system.

Step 1) Install Hide My Root

All you really need to do to play Pokemon Go on a rooted Android device is to install an app like Hide My Root (this is typically the best option, although there are others available). Hide My Root, as you probably guessed from the name, will hide the fact that your phone is rooted.

hide my root

Step 2) Tap Hide su binary

Open Hide My Root and tap Hide su binary. This will hide the fact that your phone is rooted.

Step 3) Open and Play Pokemon Go

Once you’ve hidden your su binary, you’re free to play Pokemon Go like normal. Just open it, wait for the app to detect that you’re using an “unrooted” phone, and get ready to play like normal.  /

Happy hunting out there!

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