Rooting your Galaxy S6 is a great way to remove bloatware, improve performance and boost battery life.

But one thing rooting isn’t good for is Samsung Pay. Users around the world have reported that they are unable to use Samsung Pay after rooting their Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

Why does your S6 disable Samsung Pay after rooting? Is there any way to enable Samsung Pay after rooting? Let’s find out.

Why Samsung Pay Gets Disabled

Samsung Pay gets deliberately disabled when you root Android because the phone treats it like a security threat.

Your phone detects that someone is trying to gain access to the root directories of the device. The phone doesn’t know if you’re doing this intentionally or if an attacker is trying to gain access to sensitive files – like personal banking data stored in Samsung Pay.

As a result, the phone disables Samsung Pay, which means you can’t perform wireless payments with your phone.

KNOX Security Is Also Disabled

Every Samsung Galaxy S6 has a built-in security platform called KNOX Security. This platform is a last line of defense for your phone against viruses and malware.

Your phone rarely uses KNOX security. In fact, most Android users in developed countries will never get malware on their devices due to protections on the Google Play Store and Android’s built-in defense mechanisms.

Those safety features don’t go away after rooting. But KNOX Security will.

Is Samsung Pay Worth It?

Samsung Pay is just like using a tap-to-pay credit card. It’s a superior alternative to the iPhone’s Apple Pay because it’s accepted at all of the same retailers that accept modern credit cards.

All Samsung Pay does is create a magnetic field around the phone to mimic the tap of your credit card. You can use it at any Point Of Sale (POS) machine that accepts tap-to-pay credit cards.

Apple Pay requires you to use special POS machines equipped with NFC chips. As a result, Samsung Pay can be used at a greater number of retailers than Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay is good, but if you’re already using a tap-to-pay credit card, it might not be that much more convenient.

You either pull your phone out of your pocket and tap the POS machine or you pull your credit card out of your wallet and tap the POS machine. If that’s a big convenience issue for you, then you might not want to root.

Most people, however, will find that the benefits of rooting the Galaxy S6 far outweigh the negatives.  r

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