10) Faster software performance

The Android operating system is powerful. However, performance problems occur when hardware manufacturers load their products with bloatware and other things that users don’t need. This drags down performance, which means you’re not using your phone to its full potential. After rooting your Android phone, you’ll notice that you can switch between apps much more quickly and windows will open at a much faster rate.

9) Multi-touch

When you root your Android phone, you enable multi-touch capabilities. This allows users to zoom in with the ‘pinch’ motion or perform all sorts of other useful functions with their fingers.

8) Better hardware performance

By default, your Android phone is locked to a certain set of hardware specifications. When you root your Android phone, you release these restrictions, giving you the ability to safely overclock your processor and push your hardware to new limits.

7) Apps2SD

Normally, apps are installed onto the memory card of your Android phone. However, this isn’t an optimal solution, particularly for those who have a limited amount of memory space and don’t want their apps to clog up that space. By rooting your Android device, you can install and backup apps onto any SD card, making it easy to free up space on your phone.

6) Tether your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection

Tethering is an easy and powerful way to share data connections across a number of different devices. By rooting your Android phone, you can share your data connection with any PC, laptop, or other wireless device. Android rooting makes tethering as fast and easy as possible.

5) Enhanced keyboard functions

Instead of being locked into the keyboard offered by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and other Android phone manufacturers, rooting your Android device gives you access to a wide range of new keyboards. Take your pick from a selection of custom ROMS to find the keyboard and input method that helps you type your fastest.

4) Because you can

Why would you let a phone company tell you how to use your phone? You paid a lot of money for your Android phone, and you deserve to do with it as you please. Since the ability to root your Android device is there, what are you waiting for? Order One Click Root today to start experiencing the full range of features offered by your smartphone!

3) Access hundreds of unavailable features

It would take hours to list all of the unavailable features that can be enabled through Android rooting. Get live wallpapers to custom ROMs that make your Android phone work like a normal computer, rooting your Android phone is the best way to unlock access to plenty of cool new features.

2) More apps

There are a number of cool apps available through the Google Play store and other Android marketplaces. However, some of the best apps can only be installed on rooted Android devices. Instead of being restricted to apps that your hardware manufacturer approves of, why not install the apps that you want to use? Get ad-blocking apps like Adfree to internet encryption tools, you won’t be able to experience the wide world of Android apps if you don’t root your device.

1) Freedom

When you order an Android root service, you’re giving yourself freedom over how you use your phone. Instead of being restricted in the ways in which you use your expensive device, you can tell your phone what to do for you. This freedom is extremely valuable. It gives users the ability to install updates when they want, and it gives them access to the apps they actually want to use, as opposed to the apps that hardware manufacturers think they want to use.

For all of these reasons, there has never been a better time to root Android! Order One Click Root today to get started!