85% of Android users play mobile games at least once per week. But a new report suggests that most of us aren’t mobile gaming the right way because we’re not gaming on rooted Android devices.

After you crack open your OS and dive inside, you get to enjoy a whole new world of mobile gaming. Pocket Gamer recently dived inside that world and explained why rooting your Android device is good for gaming.

Xposed Framework Lets You Improve Gaming Performance

Xposed Framework is one of the most useful root-only apps for Android. You can use Xposed Framework to tinker with nearly every setting on your Android device.

When it comes to gaming, Xposed Framework lets you do all sorts of things you’re not supposed to do on native Android.

xposed framework

First, you can download an Xposed Framework module called Play Store Fixes that lets you trick the Google Play Store into thinking you’re using a device with a certain resolution. This lets you download apps that you would otherwise be unable to download (some apps are only available to devices with a certain resolution).

You can also download an Xposed module called Burnt Toast. That module tells you which app is sending annoying gaming notifications to your notifications shade. It places a small icon beside each Toast notification on your phone.

Set CPU Lets You Overclock your Android

Is your Android device slowing down? Is it running games more choppily than it used to? In many cases, you can overclock your processor to improve gaming performance.

It’s actually surprisingly easy: there are dozens of overclocking apps on the Google Play Store. Set CPU is a popular one, but there are other free ones as well.

set cpu

These apps all do basically the same thing. They let you adjust CPU performance. Some apps will do this automatically – like when they detect a performance-intensive game is being run.

Other CPU overclocking apps will also underclock your CPU when performance is not needed, which helps you save hours of battery life.

Free Up Space

Few apps take up as much space as an average mobile game. Mobile games are as hefty as the PC games and console games of years gone by. It doesn’t take long to fill up your internal storage with games.

After rooting, however, you can easily free up several gigabytes of storage space by uninstalling bloatware apps. Typically, these apps are locked down and cannot be uninstalled.

After rooting, you can simply delete this app data without having any negative impacts on the rest of your mobile device. Yes, it really is that easy to find extra storage space.

And Other Benefits

Other gaming-related benefits of rooting include:

-Install fullscreen to remove the button bar on an Android device that doesn’t use hardware buttons, which means more space for gaming and better access to your mobile gamepad

-Record gameplay on your screen, something that is currently only available on a rooted device

-Install a different OS to help run games more smoothly

-Tweak your performance, resolution, and all other technical aspects of your phone to maximize gaming performance

android gaming

-Attach a console gaming controller to Android over Bluetooth to play games in style

Need more reasons to root your device? You just got a bunch.

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